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Luke & Angela | Vancouver Engagement Session

Guys, I’m gonna be a wreck at this wedding. I love these two so, so much! I’ve only known Angela for a couple months, but the joy she brings into Lucas’s life is tangible. Getting a chance to see them building their future and their lives together is beyond priceless. When Lucas asked me to be a part of his surprise proposal, I knew I would be stealing a few moments with the two of them for some romantic portraits. And when I say romantic, get ready! The way he looks at her melts my heart. While it might be weird to see the kiddo I knew from diapers fall in love with his sweetheart, their affection obviously goes way beond a brief infatuation. These two know what they want in life and they’ve found in each other a partner to share the journey, the highs and lows. They’ve both been through valleys and that makes their love even richer. I love romance and weddings, obviously—but I love marriage even more. Commitment, loyalty, forgiveness, an endless sea of patience—these are the virtues that can turn romance into enduring love.

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