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Elizabeth & Nathan | Port Angeles Winter Wedding

Port Angeles, Washington, was a perfect location for Elizabeth & Nathan’s sweet winter wedding on the Olympic Peninsula. The historical detail in downtown Port Angeles provided a lovely backdrop for classic portraits of the bride and groom near the waterfront. At the ceremony, beautiful brick and bare winter branches added a layer of texture to simple, rustic decor, accentuated with touches of deep, classic navy blue. The bridesmaids wore sophisticated navy blue dresses in a variety of silhouettes. How lovely are the simple tree trunk tealight holders they created for the ceremony! Especially at a winter wedding, light is the very best way to add twinkle and glow to your wedding decor. Touches of twinkling winter light were also evident in the string lights decorating the ceiling at both the ceremony and reception. I love how they add so much dimension and sparkle to the photos!

I felt truly welcomed by Elizabeth and Nathan’s sweet families. It was such a joy to be a part of celebrating these two as they embark on the adventure of marriage together! Cupcakes and sparklers made for an effervescent send-off for the newlyweds on a cold, clear winter night.

Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography001 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography002 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography003 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography004 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography005 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography006 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography007 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography008 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography009 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography010 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography011 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography012 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography013 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography014 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography015 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography016 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography017 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography018 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography019 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography020 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography021 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography022 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography023 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography024 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography025 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography026 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography027 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography028 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography029 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography030 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography031 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography032 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography033 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography034 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography035 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography036 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography037 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography038 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography039  Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography041 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography040Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography042 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography043 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography044 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography045 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography046 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography047 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography048 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography049 Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography051Port-Angeles-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography050

  1. Mercedes says:

    This was simply a perfect day! The details, the location, the sweet and endearing bride and groom…thank you for sharing a lovely set of images of such a lovely day!

  2. Gwen Workman says:

    So beautiful…. you were able to capture it all…

  3. The gray skies and fog over the water set a dreamy scene! Beautiful wedding!

  4. such great detail. I love her soft grey sweater, it really fits in with the downtown feel of the photos. Beautiful!

  5. Trina says:

    These are great images and such a beautiful bride!

  6. Ray says:

    Great work. Really digging the sparklers!

  7. Alex says:

    Such a lovely wedding! I love the navy blue mismatched dresses! You captured their day perfectly!

  8. Jessica says:

    What a sweet wedding! Love these images!!

  9. Alicia Quintanar says:

    Ohh, I adore winter weddings. What a cute couple and you captured their day perfectly. Great job!

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