I'm a, wife, mama, & creative soul. If I’m not behind a camera, I’m usually somewhere making a creative and crafty mess, adventuring with my little fam outside, or trying to make my home look more like Fixer Upper. I’m a pre-prequels Star Wars nerd (I read almost every book in high school--yes, there were books in addition to the movies!), I’ll do anything and everything for the people I love (family doesn’t end in blood), I'm a newbie runner, Podcast-obsessed, unrepentant coffee-addict.

After a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication, I picked up a camera and started photographing friends’ weddings. Photography has always been a medium that I loved, and my aesthetic is rooted in fine and classical art from pre-renaissance through post-modernity. If that kinda thing interests you, Brancusi, Klimt, the Pre-Raphaelites, Gustave Courbet, John Singer-Sargent, and Andrew Wyeth are a few of my faves. I’ve tried my hand at almost every type of portrait photography, but weddings eternally have my heart! I love the technical art of photography, but even more than that I love the relational aspect of photography — being invited into a couple’s wedding day to capture and commemorate this incredible moment of your lives will never fail to take my breath away. I’ve photographed over 141 weddings, countless portrait and engagement sessions, and hundreds of brides and grooms. My photography is focused on reflecting the emotions and moments of your wedding day. You don’t get a re-do of your wedding day, and I’m there to make sure everything is captured in the best light. 

I want to be your wedding photographer. I want to help you navigate the process of planning for your wedding day and witness your emotions when the day finally comes to fruition. I want to create a history of images that you can look back on and feel all the feelings of your wedding day for decades to come. Shoot me a message and let’s start talking!

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Kinda obvious, I know. I'm so insanely lucky to be their mama. However I'll never claim that motherhood is a walk in the park! These boys push me to my every limit, then drag me back to my feet laughing every day. I like to think I hold my own in a household where I'm the only gal vs. three guys, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My Kiddos

I'm forever in love with the Upper-Left USA. I'll take any chance I get to wander off the beaten track in search of lonely beaches, emerald lakes, towering firs, cedar, and hemlock, and narrow trails through the thick undergrowth of salal and ferns. My favorite scent is the foggy ocean air on a cool day as it moves through the conifers. A perfect day involves a PNW adventure with my crew of guys, a ferry ride across the Puget Sound to an island or peninsula, great local food, and coming home with pockets full of rocks, shells, and an armful of foraged foliage.  


I've had a love affair with this city since coming here for college in 2004. A perfect blend of urban and nature, bustling with culture and diversity and personality. As a Seattle-dweller for over a decade, I'm not a stranger to it's foibles, but nonetheless I love it with all my heart. I've run a couple hundred laps around Greenlake, spent dozens of hours at the Ballard Sunday Market, photographed weddings and families and portraits in the parks and eaten so. much. sushi. If you love Seattle like I do, we might just get along!


I distinctly remember saying a couple years ago, "running's not for me; I'll have to find a different way to work out." Almost verbaitm. Well, here I am. Running is a relatively new hobby, but one that's quickly become as important for my mental heath as for physical fitness. I started running after the birth of my second kiddo when long days at home with 2 littles made me feel like I was losing my mind. Through fall and then into winter of 2017-18, I ran laps around Greenlake in Seattle clinging to my sanity. Since then, running has truly become part of me and I don't know how I'd navigate life without it -- this from a girl who said word for word, "I'll never be a runner!" I ran the Seattle Half-Marathon with Random Acts and the boys from Supernatural in fall of 2018, and I'm on the lookout for the next race to put on my calendar!



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