If you love the idea of a remote, scenic wedding venue in the old-growth wilderness of a National Park, you'll want to consider the Olympic Peninsula for your wedding day! Whether you're planning a large gathering with all your family and friends, or an intimate elopement with just a handful of nearest and dearest, the Olympic Peninsula has dozens of locations for a wedding day featuring epic scenery and wilderness adventure. From the magnificent Olympic National Park beaches and the moss clad Hoh rainforest cathedrals to the farmland of Sequim and the historic architecture of Port Townsend, the vast array of locations that are available to Olympic Peninsula wedding photographers are truly unlike any other place in the nation. Each region within the Olympic Peninsula has its own unique identity, which makes every major destination a special and distinctive place to capture Olympic Peninsula wedding photography. 

Olympic Peninsula Wedding Venues

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Choosing a venue for your Olympic Peninsula wedding will be highly determined by the number of guests you plan to have attend your wedding. A smaller guest list will give you a few more options — a larger number of guests will require you choose from a location with more amenities, parking, and facilities that can handle that amount of people.

A mid-size to large wedding requires a little more forethought in selecting a location. Several locations in Olympic National Park are available for mid-size weddings while still offering spectacular views and scenery. A large wedding with over a hundred guests requires much more space and amenities. While there are somewhat more limited options for a large wedding venue on the Olympic Peninsula, a little research and ingenuity will help you find the perfect spot for your wedding day!

A large wedding of 200+ people requires, and there are only a handful of spots on the Olympic Peninsula that can accommodate a wedding of that size without additional rentals required.

How To Choose An Olympic Peninsula Wedding Venue

Due to the remote and rural nature of the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park, planning a scenic destination wedding in this area of northwest Washington has a particular set of benefits — and challenges!— to consider. If you're starting your search for an Olympic Peninsula Wedding Venue, here's a few things to think about!

Whether the Olympic Peninsula is already close to your heart or you’re itching for a new adventure in a wild and remote locale, there are dozens of locations for a memorable Pacific Northwest wedding. Unlike more densely populated parts of the country, there are few traditional wedding venues that run year-round exclusively holding weddings. This is both an advantage and a challenge. For couples who prefer to get married in a remote, wilderness locale, the less-densely populated wilderness of Northwest Washington is a dream!

Getting married on the Olympic or Kitsap Peninsulas, Bainbridge Vashon, Whidbey, or the San Juan Islands offers the chance to share a spectacular part of the country with guests who may never have experienced the Northwest before. On the Olympic Peninsula, you're able to celebrate a culture and part of the world that still retains a sense of being wild and somewhat undiscovered, while experiencing the rich and unique culture and heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

Planning Your Olympic Peninsula Wedding

The Olympic Peninsula is located in the northwest corner of Washington State and is home to Olympic National Park, an iconic destination for Pacific Northwest enthusiasts. Olympic National Park offers a myriad of places for photographers to choose from when photographing a bride and groom on their wedding day. From the mountain views of Hurricane Ridge and Deer Park in Olympic National Park to the rolling farmland and lavender farms surrounding Sequim, Clallam County is home to diverse and unique settings for wedding photography in Northwest Washington. The Hoh Rainforest and La Push beaches are great settings for wedding photos that incorporate iconic scenery from the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Salt Creek State Park and the Dungeness Spit are both recognized for their extraordinary views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Wedding photographers in Northwest Washington love to photograph weddings on the Olympic Peninsula because of the scenic beauty of this isolated, rural area. 

If you’re familiar with the Olympic Peninsula, it’s likely you may be aware of some of the benefits of holding your wedding in such a singular location. Just in case though, let me spell it out — the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park of Northwest Washington State are some of the most scenic and spectacular destinations in the United States, not to mention the entire world. I like to think of my self as somewhat well-traveled, although I’ll always jump at the chance to discover a new location, but the PNW can hold it’s own against any world-class travel spot. From stunning mountainsides covered in lush evergreen forests to breathtaking rocky beaches framed by sea stacks and tide pools, the northwest is a destination that will capture your heart and imagination.

Possibly one of the foremost destinations on the Olympic Peninsula, Lake Crescent offers several venues for brides and grooms to choose from. Nature Bridge on Lake Crescent is an incredible venue for any bride and groom. NatureBridge is a beautiful historic event and conference center; small colorful cabins and a spacious bunkhouse provide a variety of lodging options for your guests to stay on the property. You can make your wedding into a weekend event with a Friday evening welcome dinner, Saturday morning canoeing and lawn games prior to the wedding ceremony, and Sunday farewell brunch before your guests depart. Rosemary Inn, built at the turn of the century, provides indoor dining and dancing space in addition the the beautiful meadow just outside, which can serve as a ceremony location or space for a tented reception. Views of the sapphire blue lake are easily accessed from the floating docks or the gravely lakeshore, and soaring Douglas fir trees surround the venue on three sides. 

NatureBridge is located on Barnes Point and provides stunning views of Lake Crescent and Storm King, and easy access to nearby lakeside and waterfall trails. A trail leading to nearby Marymere Falls offers a short excursion for your guests, or a unique opportunity for unique wedding portraits at a waterfall, and for the more adventurous the Storm King trail offers a steep climb and unparalleled, iconic views of Lake Crescent. 

NatureBridge at Lake Crescent

Seabrook Village on the southwestern coast is a seaside vacation village where you can either have your wedding right on the beach, or indoors in a quaint Town Hall.
Seabrook, located on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula just hours from Olympia, Washington, is a popular destination for northwest beach vacations and brides who love the charm of a beach town as well as the drama of the remote Pacific Northwest ocean beaches.
Venues such as Kalaloch Lodge and Seabrook Village are perfect locations for the adventurous, bohemian bride looking for amazing beach views and beautiful northwest coastline scenery. Weddings at Seabrook take advantage of the many amenities and beautiful architecture of the seaside community, as well as easy beach access and Pacific Ocean vistas. 

Port Townsend is a popular choice for destination weddings in the Pacific Northwest. A victorian seaport boasting gorgeous vintage architecture and beautiful marinas, Port Townsend is also the location for many gardens, parks, and waterfront wedding venues. Fort Warden in particular offers a lovely location for a Port Townsend wedding. A charming white chapel, bluffs overlooking the Puget Sound, and an easy walk down to the spectacular beach provide a myriad of locations for gorgeous wedding portraits. 

Fort warden | Port townsend

Eberle Barn
Eberle Barn is another gorgeous historic barn venue that can accomodate a large wedding, featuring gorgeous architecture and scenic farmland surrounding the barn itself.

Eberle Barn

Located on the southern shore of Lake Crescent, the historic Lake Crescent Lodge presides over a stunning view towards the west end of the lake. The Lodge contains guestrooms, a fantastic restaurant, a gift shop, and a spacious 

Lake Crescent lodge

Misty Clover Farm

Fern Acres

Without further ado, the 9 best wedding venues on the Olympic Peninsula!

Lake Quinault Lodge

Lake Quinault Lodge, also located within Olympic National Park, is located on the shore of Lake Quinault. Visitors will feel like they’re stepping back in time when they enter the grand drawing room of the lodge, but nothing compares to the views of the lakeshore available from the Lodge’s sunny veranda. The dramatic facade of the old lodge provides a wonderful backdrop for an outdoor ceremony or cocktails on the lawn.

Hunters gate farm

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Caty & Nick | NatureBridge at Lake Crescent



Caty & Nick | NatureBridge at Lake Crescent



Fern Acres



Caty & Nick | NatureBridge at Lake Crescent



Fort Warden, Port Townsend

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