If you're visiting the Olympic Peninsula or Olympic National Park, it's highly probably you have those moss-encrusted rainforest locations in mind. While there are dozens of locations you can find mossy trees, old growth forest, & thick ferny undergrowth, the most iconic rainforest areas are in the western side of the park where the annual rainfall level is highest.

Hoh Rainforest
The Hoh Rainforest is probably the most well-known, and thus has the highest traffic on peak season weekends. 

I also love the area around Lake Quinault Lodge - there are lots of trails and public access areas at various locations around Lake Quinault that are easy to access for portraits, as well as the Lodge itself, and numerous AirBnb's and other lodging in the area.


Lake Crescent
The Lake Crescent area also has plenty of locations that have that mossy, emerald forest look. I especially love the Marymere Falls trail, the Barnes Point area, and Madison Falls just to the east.  You can also find mossy rainforest trails around the Fairholme Campground area and the Spruce Railroad trail on the north shore of the lake. 


If you’re envisioning a wild and rugged beach backdrop for your Olympic National Park elopement, the Washington coast is the perfect place! With dramatic seastacks, pebble and sandy beaches, stunning windswept conifers, and jaw-dropping bluffs, the Olympic National Park beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. 

Ruby Beach
Ruby beach is probably the most popular site for beach elopements in Olympic National Park. On peak summer weekends, the beach gets quite busy. If you don’t mind some company, Ruby is iconic and never fails to amaze with dramatic seastacks and stunning rocky bluffs.
Rialto Beach
I'm obsessed with Rialto Beach. Rialto is a pebble beach; the sound of the waves over the rocky beach is unforgettable. Because Rialto is 
Second Beach 

Kalaloch Beach
If you want endless sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, you want Kalaloch beach for your elopement! Kalaloch is also the location of the famous tree-of-life you’ve probably seen on instagram. Another popular site in Olympic National Park, you can escape the crowds quickly with a little walk on the beach in either direction (north or south), or pick a timeframe that is less popular — sunrise, sunset, and weekdays. The peak hours are summer weekends around midday to early afternoon. Kalaloch also offers a campground, although if you want to tent or RV camp here you need to make reservations early in the season! That being said, I highly recommend falling asleep under the coastal evergreens listening to the sound of the waves on the beach. Even in summer, Kalaloch can be chilly in the mornings and evenings, so bring a few layers to keep warm. 

Point of the Arches/Shi Shi Beach
This one requires some backcountry hiking and more significant logistics, but I've always wanted to visit! I think it would be a spectacular location for a micro-wedding or elopement for an adventurous couple, and you'd be sure to have relative privacy apart from a handful of other hikers!

(Salt Creek State Park/Tongue Point/Turtle Island)
Technically this one isn't in ONP, but it's close enough in my book. Salt Creek State Park is a beautiful sandy beach with a gorgeous seastack topped by those iconic windswept coastal conifers. As far as I know it's the easternmost seastack on the Olympic Peninsula, so a bit more easily accessible than the ocean beaches further to the west. Easily one of my favorite locations for sessions and elopements!


Sol Duc Falls
Possibly the most photographed of the Olympic National Park waterfalls, Sol Duc is located just west of Lake Crescent. Sol Duc is within a fee area of the park, so you’ll have to pay an entrance fee. Sol Duc has the highest volume of the Olympic National Park waterfalls, so be prepared to get wet from the spray! You can walk across the bridge over the falls and look down on the roaring water below. There is a small area on the west side with a railing that would be perfect for an elopement ceremony. Then hike the 1.5 miles down the west side of the Sol Duc river on the Lover’s Lane Trail for some beautiful portraits in the old-growth forest alongside the river. At the Sol Duc Resort (open seasonally), you can take a soak in the hot springs and stay the night in a cabin or lodge suite, or in the campground. The Springs Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or you can drive to the restaurant at Lake Crescent lodge about 30 minutes east. 

Marymere Falls
Located in the Lake Crescent region of Olympic National Park, the Marymere Falls trail is 1.8 miles roundtrip. The trail starts fairly flat with a 500 foot elevation gain mostly in the last portion before the falls. The falls itself cascades XX feet 
Madison Falls
Located just .2 miles down a paved, wheelchair-accessible trail, Madison falls is a 50-foot cascade on Madison creek just before it joins the Elwha River. This is a beautiful location to add on to an elopement in the Lake Crescent area, or on your way to the Ocean Beaches, since it’s so easy to get to. As with other popular areas, I’d recommend avoiding midday on peak-season weekends!

A few more waterfalls located in Olympic National Park that I would love to explore!
Beaver falls
Bunch Creek Falls
Maple Creek Falls (only accessible by water)
Rocky Brook Falls


Lake Crescent
It's one of the most popular locations in the National Park for good reason! Lake Crescent is easy to get to and completely spectacular. Higher traffic means you'll want to plan your visit for off-peak times (weekdays during the summer), but during Fall, Winter, and early Spring you'll often have the place to yourselves! Check out my full Guide to Lake Crescent weddings here!

Lake Quinault
Located on the west side of Olympic National Park, Lake Quinault doesn't get quite the attention Lake Crescent does, but it's nonetheless a beautiful wilderness lake in a rainforest setting. Lake Quinault Lodge, located on the south eastern shore, is a beautiful venue for weddings. 

Lake Ozette
A bit more remote, Lake Ozette is located in the northwest portion of the Olympic Peninsula. Lake Ozette 

Lake Sutherland
Located just outside Olympic National Park and about 20 minutes west of Port Angeles, Lake Sutherland is a great location for an AirBnB elopement. There are limited public-access locations around Lake Sutherland, so you’ll want to book an AirBnB or Vacation rental for your lakeside ceremony. Some great options are:
Blue Haven | The Cove | Our Point of View | Lake Sutherland Waterfront Cabin


Hurricane Ridge
Probably the best known location in all of Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge is a popular site for hikers and elopements. It’s important to follow the park guidelines for elopements and stay on the paved trails around the Hurricane Ridge visitor center, as the alpine meadows are fragile and Hurricane Ridge sees millions of visitors every year! The best times for a Hurricane Ridge elopement are the times that are least busy — sunrise, sunset, and weekdays. 

Obstruction Point Trailhead
The gravel road for the Obstruction Point trailhead starts at the Hurricane Ridge area. I would not recommend this road if you aren’t comfortable with off-road driving! It’s narrow and the mountain slopes steeply downward on one side. The Obstruction Point road has many spots where you could have a beautiful elopement where there’s room to pull your car safely off to the side 

Blue Mountain/Deer Park
Another harrowing mountain drive up a windy dirt road, Blue Mountain provides spectacular views of the Olympics and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and alpine wildflowers in the early summer. One of my favorites!

Storm King at Lake Crescent
Not for the faint of heart, Storm King is a tough hike for the experienced hiker! With a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Crescent, this peak would be the most epic location for an unforgettable elopement. 


If you’re dreaming about an Olympic Peninsula elopement, you have so many choices! The list below helps provide some of the best options from a local perspective. The Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park are incredibly diverse; you can see mountains, beaches, rainforest, and picturesqe lakes all in one day! Although I’d recommend planning a bit more time if you want to see everything the Olympic Peninsula has to offer… I’m still discovering new spots and I’ve lived here for decades! A general guideline is the easier a place is to get to, the more popular it will be on summer weekends. Conversely, if a location requires hiking or a long drive, it will have less tourist traffic on those peak-season Saturdays and Sundays.

Where Can You Elope In Olympic National Park

The Best Locations to Elope In Olympic National Park

1. Pick your location. Are you dreaming of a mossy rainforest or crashing ocean waves? A sunset mountaintop ceremony or a lakeside meadow wedding? Maybe you have a specific location in mind, or tell me what you’re dreaming of and I’ll give you my top recommendations! I have a bucket list of lesser-known spots that you won’t see on instagram that I’d love to share!
2. Decide on the season you’d prefer
3. Hire a photographer - that’s me!
4. Book an officiant, florist, & other vendors - the local wedding industry is full of wonderful vendor pros!
5. Apply for any necessary permits 
6. Book accommodations 
7. Plan some fun activities 
8. Plan what to eat during your elopement!

How to elope in Olympic National Park

You probably already know that Olympic National Park is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Northwest Washington State in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State has two wildly different climate zones — the wet and cool west side, and the dry, high-desert east side. The geography and climate of Eastern Washington is nothing like the western side. If you’re envisioning mossy trees & snow-capped mountains, you’re thinking of Western Washington! If you don’t live in the state, you’ll probably need to fly into Seattle-Tacoma international airport and rent a car to drive to the Olympic Peninsula. There are ways to get there via public transportation, but they’re time-consuming and not terribly reliable. If you can, book a charter flight to Port Angeles with Rite Bros Aviation http://ritebros.com/! There’s been rumors of a commercial airline in the works — check out Dash Airlines and see if they’re up and running. 

Otherwise, you can rent a car at SeaTac (be sure to make a reservation ahead of time!!!), or take the light rail into Seattle to find a rental car. The more scenic route to the Olympic Peninsula is via Washington State Ferry, which leaves from the Coleman dock downtown. You can also drive south from SeaTac on I-5 and then west from Olympia on Highway 101. If you’re heading to the ocean beaches or the Hoh rainforest, this might be the shorter route, but there are fewer cities and towns along the route. 

If you take the ferry out of downtown Seattle, you’ll either be on the Seattle-Bainbridge or Seattle-Bremerton route. Or you can drive up to Edmonds and take the Edmonds-Kingston route, but depending on the day and time there can be a long wait time for the Edmonds-Kingston. There are larger boats and more frequent sailings on the routes that leave from downtown, so even if there’s a long line the wait time is generally not as long. 

Once you’ve crossed the Puget sound by ferry, you’ll take WA-104 from either Bremerton or Poulsbo across the Hood Canal bridge, then travel another 90 minutes west to Port Angeles. Port Angeles is the “Gateway to the Olympics” and the main spot for starting your exploration of Olympic National Park. It’s also a great place to find lodging, food, and activities in the area!


I love capturing couples in love as an OIympic National Park Elopement photographer! As a longtime local, I love sharing my favorite well-known and secret locations with couples who book photography for their destination Olympic National Park elopements. You’ll have heard about Ruby Beach, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, and the Hoh Rainforest, but have you heard of Second Beach, Cape Flattery, Bovee’s Meadow, Barnes Point, or Blue Mountain? Whether you’re envisioning an OIympic National Park elopement in one of the iconic park destinations, or something a little more off-the-beaten-path, you’re in the right place! This guide will cover locations, where to stay, where to eat, the best wedding vendors, and how to make your wedding legal in Washington State! 

Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula was obviously incredible, although it wasn’t until my twenties that I realized it wasn’t a universal experience to walk out your back door and onto a mountain trail or beach! I know hundreds of locations and trails, and dozens of amazing wedding vendors to help you plan your wedding day! I can’t cover everything in a blog post, even a long one, but this guide is a starting point to planning your OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK elopement. When you book with me, you’ll get customized info that will be tailored to your wedding day vision, season, and specific details like whether or not you’ll have guests & a bridal party to the best locations, lodging, and vendors for your specific date.

By Olympic National Park Elopement Photographer Adrien craven

How to Elope in Olympic National Park

* Hike to Sol Duc Falls & take a dip in the hot springs
* Take a dip in the Devil’s Punchbowl at Lake Crescent
* Hike to Marymere Falls
* Have a picnic on the beach & look for shells
* Kayak, paddleboard, or swim in Lake Crescent
* Watch the sunset at the beach or from a mountain peak
* Look for eagles by the coast
* Grab dinner in a cool gastropub in Port Angeles
* Take a whale watching tour
* Go stargazing at Hurricane Ridge
* Go river rafting on the Elwha or Sol Duc Rivers
* Hike to Pyramid Peak for views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca
* Go backpacking in the Olympic National Park 
* Go on a beach hike to Point of the Arches
* Surf at Rialto Beach or Salt Creek State Park
* Go camping or glamping at an AirBnB

Plan some fun activities! - Things to do during your elopement in Olympic National park

Book accommodations!
Where to Stay in & around Olympic National Park for your Elopement

The Legal Stuff - How to get a wedding permit and marriage license in Olympic National Park

First, apply for a special use permit from Olympic National Park here. Do this as soon as possible! 

You can directly download the permit application from this link, but I recommend visiting the Olympic National Park website to read all the information regarding special use permits!

Next, apply for a marriage license in Clallam county, unless you’re planning on doing the legal part somewhere else. You’ll need an officiant and two witnesses for a legal wedding ceremony in Washington State — I can be one of your witnesses!

Apply for any necessary permits

Book an officiant, florist, & other vendors - the local wedding industry is full of makeup artists, florists, and planners and I’ve worked with the best! 

Northwind Nuptials 
Nancy Lee Mann 

Tin Can Floral Co.
Riversedge Farmstead
Farm & Flower WA

Planning & Event Design
Gray Skies Wedding & Event Planning 
Snowberry Event Design 

Hair & Makeup Artists
It’s Likely Makeup By Min
Tania Salazar
Ashleigh Victoria Artistry
Off White Makeup & Beauty
Liz Kellerman MUA

Olympic National Park Wedding & Elopement  Vendors

As an Olympic Peninsula, Sequim, Port Angeles, and Olympic National Park elopement photographer, I'll be your tour guide and cheerleader to help your wedding or elopement be the most incredible, memorable experience! I love sharing this beautiful corner of the world with couples & their nearest and dearest...  I have to pinch myself every day I get to do this crazy wonderful thing I call my job. But it's so much more than that... it's one of the most important days in your life! And I'm honored when you choose to work with me to document such an important day.

Reach out on my contact page and tell me what you're envisioning for your Olympic National Park elopement! 

Hire a Photographer -- that's Me!

You can elope any time of year in Washington State, if you’re well prepared and flexible depending on weather. For the warmest weather, plan on July-September. Now, it can rain any day of the year, but temps are generally significantly warmer in the late summer and very early Fall. Autumn might be my favorite time of year in the Pacific Northwest… earlier in the season the days can be as warm as summer with cooler mornings and evenings, and seeing the colors change in the foliage is always magical. Spring can be chilly and unpredictable — there are sunny, mild days and windy wet days… and the forecast will say 50% chance of rain (or more) either way! Winter is obviously the coldest time of year, but it’s still gorgeous if you’re going for a moody vibe. The rainy winter days are really beautiful and atmospheric!
Summer and early fall are usually the best time of year to elope in Olympic National Park, although if you don’t mind getting wet, winter and spring elopements can be incredibly stunning!
Mid to late summer is the warmest time of year; although you can never be 100% sure there won’t be rain, it usually is drier and pleasant. Make sure you hydrate well, especially during the peak of summer heat! If you want cooler temps, pick a higher location like Hurricane ridge, Storm King, or Blue Mountain for your elopement. It can also be quite a bit cooler on the beach, so a Second Beach elopement during the summer might be the perfect choice!

When to elope in Olympic National Park


Hey there, I'm Adrien! I'm an Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park Wedding and Elopement Photographer who creates relaxed, romantic, and emotional imagery to document your love, relationships and memories on your wedding day! 

Are you looking for an Olympic Peninsula photographer for your Olympic National Park wedding day? Drop me a note!

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Are you planning a wedding in the spectacular Olympic National Park? From the rocky ocean coastline to the emerald rainforests carpeting the breathtaking mountains, Olympic National Park, National Forest, and the rest of the Olympic Peninsula offer dozens, if not hundreds of spectacular spots to say your vows if you're willing to do a little hiking in your wedding day outfits! Larger wedding venues include Lake Crescent Lodge, NatureBridge at Olympic, Seabrook, Lake Quinault Lodge, and Kalaloch Lodge. Smaller weddings and elopements often need only a permit from Olympic National Park!


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Adrien is truly a Pacific Northwest gem! Like the laidback, unfussy beauty of the region, Adrien is truly a calming spirit and can find the beauty is the most ordinary of views. As two introverts who are quite uncomfortable in front of a camera, we were not particularly looking forward to being posed and forcing smiles - but Adrien truly made us feel so comfortable and at ease, we really almost forgot about everything else and just enjoyed the moment together. She listens to feedback and will go out of her way to capture what's important to you - but will also spend the time to help you figure out what IS important to you, which was so helpful to us when we really didn't know what to expect! She made herself available for everything from help with offering a photographer's opinion on which wedding dress to choose when I was stuck, visiting the venue before the wedding to get ideas and make a plan, and general advice on how the ceremony usually goes and help with layout. Working with her was really one of the highlights of our wedding - and it goes without saying her photos are phenomenal! She really caught the joy and beauty of our day!

Jessica & Will

Kind Words

Lauren & Gavin

Adrien was absolutely wonderful to work with and she takes beautiful photos! She is extremely thoughtful, fast in delivery of photos, accommodating of your needs, and a very, very talented photographer. She captured our day perfectly, with enough posed shots with plenty of fun candids that really allow the personalities of the couple to shine though in pictures. She is an excellent resource on the big day - she definitely helped speed things along when everything was running behind schedule, and she got the pictures she needed in a timely manner so we could relax (as much as possible!) before the ceremony. I highly recommend doing an engagement session with her so you get a sense of how the big day will go down, not to mention the pictures last a lifetime! I can't wait to proudly display our wedding photos on our walls!


Kind Words

Adrien was a dream to work with and I will treasure our wedding photos for a lifetime! Not only is she a very talented photographer, she knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and she kept us all on schedule for the wedding day which was greatly appreciated since I didn't hire an official wedding planner or day of coordinator. I would recommend her a thousand times over!


Lauren & Gavin (cont).

Kind Words

Caty & Nick

Working with Adrien Craven Photography was an exceptional experience. She was professional, efficient, extremely talented, and understood everything that we were looking for in our wedding day photography. We wanted the personality of our wedding and us, to shine through the photos and she exceeded our expectations. She is a great photographer and I would recommend her to anyone getting married!


Kind Words

Amy & Brian

I didn't know what to expect hiring a professional photographer, as I had never done so before, but Adrien made the experience unforgettable. Before the wedding she was organized, prepared, and calmed all my anxieties. On the day of the wedding, she made me feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. Our friends raved about how kind Adrien was, and how much fun it was that she was able to "fit right in" to our friend group. After the wedding, she delivered stunning pictures in a timely matter. She so clearly conveyed our style and personality through her photos and really captured the beauty of the day. Adrien is awesome and we would highly recommend her!!! Don't consider booking anyone else besides Adrien!!!


Kind Words

Melisha & Albert

Helpful in so many ways other [than] taking gorgeous, amazing and unforgettable photos!


Kind Words

Taylor & Ryan

This woman is incredibly talented. I came across Adrien in early February as I was researching photographers. I reached out to multiple photographers hoping that someone whose work I loved would work with my budget. Adrien responded right away and we met for coffee, I must say it was meant to be! She was very genuine and seemed to really understand my vision. She even brought me a gift and we hadn't even booked her yet! Needless to say we chose her to shoot our day as well as our engagement photos. I couldn't be happier with our decision... she was always willing to give suggestions as well as help with a timeline. Not only was she great beforehand but our engagement pictures turned out fantastic... All my friends rave about her. She is an incredible photographer and a very sweet and genuine person, I will absolutely be returning for any photography needs in the future as well as encouraging any friends/family/acquaintances that need it to check out her stuff! I can't say thank you enough Adrien!!


Kind Words

Shawna & Jason

Adrien Craven was the best wedding decision I made, by far (besides the husband choice of course)...  My husband and I were hoping to get maybe one or two good photos that we could hang on our wall; instead, Adrien gave us hundreds of consistently gorgeous photos to choose from. She knows how to capture light in such a way that gives her pictures a magical glow you can’t help but love and stare at for hours. Like many brides, my wedding day flashed before my eyes quicker than I could keep up with. That being said, I remember the exact moment I heard that Adrien had arrived, because I shouted “OH NO!” so loud people probably thought I burned my face with the curling iron... The day was already in a state of chaos, she had no direction from me whatsoever, people were scattered everywhere, and yet there she was… perfectly calm, smiling back at me, like she didn’t even notice the giant tornado blazing past her. Somehow, she managed to get amazing pictures of every person and detail of our beautiful day and we couldn’t be happier with the results. 


Kind Words

Shawna & Jason (cont.)

Continued: "On top of which, she had the unlucky chore of dealing with a not so photogenic bride, and I’m not being modest. I have a long history of always making a weird face right as the camera flashes (a running joke amongst my friends and family), but Adrien made me appear absolutely glamorous. When I expressed my concerns about my natural tendency towards “double-chiness”, she gave me a few quick tips that instantly solved the problem. It’s been five months, and I still look through my wedding pictures every single day thinking to myself “is that really me? I look incredible!” Adrien is so relaxed, organized, and professional; it relieved some serious wedding anxiety to have her there. We couldn’t be more pleased with the investment we made with Adrien as our photographer, because she turned our special day into a magical memory that we could cherish forever." 

 Forever Grateful, Shawna


Kind Words

Stephanie & Theo

Top reasons to pick Adrien to be your wedding photographer:
1) You are getting married and want amazing pictures to cherish forever
2) You want to have fun and feel 100% confident and relaxed throughout the planning process and entire wedding day
3) You have good really good taste ;)

Seriously though, from the first day she joined the team, Adrien was professional, creative, and extremely reassuring. She was knowledgeable about our venue (in West Seattle) and photogenic spots in the area, helped us plan out a reasonable photo schedule to accommodate our ginormous wedding party, and worked seamlessly with us and our planner and venue. On the day of the wedding, she was unflappably calm, upbeat, and helped everyone feel totally comfortable. We had several hurdles including me supplying her with a super last-minute list of "oh by the way could we try to get these photos in???" (my bad sorry), bouquets being forgotten at one point, balloons tangling in the wind, etc, but Adrien kept everyone laughing and having fun and our photos absolutely reflect that. 


Kind Words

Stephanie & Theo (Cont.)

She was never intrusive and never tried to get anyone into awkward poses. Instead, she captured all the details of our day in breathtaking color and vivid detail, from big moments to our favorite silly/intimate candids. Her love for weddings and for her work absolutely shines through in her demeanor and in the quality of her work. Nearly everyone who attended the wedding commented to me during the day about how much they enjoyed her enthusiasm and tireless energy, and we've gotten so many requests for prints of her gorgeous photos. (I've even had random people message me on facebook/instagram just to compliment me on my wedding photos!! They really are THAT good!) We will treasure the photos forever, and choosing Adrien was one of the best decisions we made in the entire wedding process.


Kind Words

Adrien captures magic!
From our engagement shoot, to our wedding and rehearsal dinner to family photos, Adrien has captured the most special moments in our life. She has far exceeded our expectations and edited the photos with an artful eye. Of all of the wedding decisions we made, the best one was to hire her as our photographer. The pictures are timeless and will be my most prized possession for years.


Angela & Troy

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We saw Adrien's work where we got married and knew we had to have her shoot our wedding. She was a dream to work with and captured our special day and us perfectly. The images of us on the Pier at Lake Crescent are unbelievable. A year later we also had her shoot our new baby and she captured him and us just as we are. She is beyond professional, a great talent and makes you so comfortable when shooting. We would recommend her to anyone and hope to use her again!


Sarah & Soren

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