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Kate & David at Fern Hollow [Sequim Wedding Photographer]

I can’t think of anything lovelier than an summer wedding in a garden; Kate & David held their July nuptials at Fern Hollow, in Sequim Washington, in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Surrounded by the chatter and laughter of her vivacious bridesmaids, Kate made her bridal preparations in a private suite in the main house at Fern Hollow. David got ready nearby, making the final adjustments to collar and cuffs with his best friends at his side. Kate’s excitement and radiant smile were contagious as she donned her diaphanous veil for a bridal portrait in the moments before she walked down the aisle. The bridesmaids wore the softest shade of lilac, which was the perfect accompaniment to the pale pink roses and blue hydrangeas that surrounded the garden ceremony. The July heat was remarkable that day, but the perfume of jasmine and roses wafted through the golden air as the late afternoon ceremony took place. The timing was perfection—the bride and groom kissed just as the late afternoon sunlight slanted across the gardens and dipped into the treeline. During the last light of the day, Kate and David took time after the ceremony for beautiful romantic portraits in the gardens of the Fern Hollow manor. The farmhouse and barns glowed with golden light for the couple’s reception, and guests danced, celebrated and toasted the joyful couple as the golden summer day drew to a close.

Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven001 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven002 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven003 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven004 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven005 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven006 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven007 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven008 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven009 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven011Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven010Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven012 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven013 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven014 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven015 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven016 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven017 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven018 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven019 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven020 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven021 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven022 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven023 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven024 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven025 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven026 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven027 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven028 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven029 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven030 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven031 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven032 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven033 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven034 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven035 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven036 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven037 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven038 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven039 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven040 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven041 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven042 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven043 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven044 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven045 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven046 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven047 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven048 Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven049Fern-Hollow-Sequim-Wedding-Adrien-Craven051



Venue: Fern Hollow

Cupcakes: That Takes the Cake

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal

Men’s Suits: Black Diamond Bridal

Flowers: Angelcrest Gardens

DJ: Chandra Graham, Getta Groove Entertainment

Linens: Olympic Laundry

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