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Hurricane Ridge Engagement — Ricky & Shailah

There’s nothing better than a beautiful Pacific Northwest adventure and a brave couple to share it with! Ricky, Shailah and I spent an afternoon driving up to Hurricane Ridge outside of Port Angeles for a snowy engagement session in the mountains. I’m so glad that Shailah had her heart set on snow for their photos—I love it when a couple is up for an adventure that takes us off the beaten path.

In this case, we were lucky that the “path” had just been plowed that morning! A cozy plaid blanket, tall leather boots, and North Face jackets made the perfect ensemble for our snowy excursion. I love how the bright colors popped against the white snow and dark green northwest firs! The snow-covered trees really made the scenery seem otherworldly, as though the forested mountainsides had been transformed into a mystical wonderland. Hurricane Ridge, which is part of Olympic National Park, is an amazing place to visit year-round—but there’s something incredible about a winter drive through the mountains.

When the time finally came to head down the winding mountain road, we were greeted by blue skies and a spectacular view across the Straits of Juan de Fuca! It felt like we had spent the past several hours in another realm as we descended back into town.

Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement001 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement002 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement003 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement004 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement005 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement006 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement007 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement008 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement009 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement010 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement011 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement012 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement013 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement014 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement015 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement016 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement017 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement018 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement019 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement020 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement021 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement022 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement023 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement024 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement025 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement026 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement027 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement028 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement029 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement030 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement031 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement032 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement033 Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement036Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement034Hurricane-Ridge-Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement035

  1. Kerry says:

    Adrien! These are gorgeous! LOVE them!

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