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Stunning Natural Beauty at the IslandWood Wedding Venue!

bride and groom with foreheads touching with the sun shining through the trees at Islandwood wedding venue

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now, for the fun part, planning! And the first step to planning a wedding is picking the venue, so let me help and tell you about a fantastic venue option. One of the most beautiful Seattle area venues is the Islandwood wedding venue!

bride and groom with foreheads touching with the sun shining through the trees at Islandwood wedding venue

About The Islandwood Wedding Venue

IslandWood offers a magical Pacific Northwest outdoor wedding venue, inspiring care for their communities and the planet. IslandWood is an environmental education nonprofit. As part of their immersive programs, they help children, educators, and community members gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. In addition, they will discover critical environmental issues and find the power they possess to contribute positively to their communities. Their core values provide an internal compass on how they aim to show up in the world. They strive to include intentional inclusivity, active engagement, conscious curiosity, unwavering accountability, and an adventurous mindset. 

forest at the Islandwood wedding venue

In fact, IslandWood itself is the ancestral land of the Coast Salish people, who have stewarded the seas and grounds of this region for centuries. IslandWood is also dedicated to celebrating and welcoming all love and couples. They promise to not discriminate against race, sexual orientation, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, marital or pregnancy status, gender identity, gender expression, or veteran status. 

Details of the Grounds

lake view at the Islandwood wedding venue

small bridge along the trees at Islandwood wedding venue

fire pit at the Islandwood wedding venue

Your destination wedding at IslandWood will be set against a rustic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. This beautiful, private, tranquil 250-acre property is only 35 minutes from Seattle by ferry. Theproperty includes forested trails, ponds, meadows, gardens, two treehouses, suspension bridges, and canopy towers for you and your guests to explore. The natural beauty of their property is surpassed only by the simple, thoughtful elegance of their kitchen cuisine. So you can feel good knowing that by having your wedding at IslandWood, you’re supporting exceptional justice-oriented environmental education programs.

A total of 200 wedding guests can be accommodated in IslandWood’s four sleeping lodges, which combine modern comforts with the natural rustic beauty of the Northwest. The great room of every lodge has a fireplace and comfortable seating to gather, play games, read, and relax. All their property beds are made up of organic cotton bedding for a dreamy night’s sleep! Guests can also enjoy various activities, including hiking, trail running, garden tours, canopy tower climbing, scavenger hunts, art activities, and yoga, all available right on the property. Within minutes of IslandWood, you’ll find kayaking, sailing, fishing, paddleboarding, beach wandering, mountain biking, and miles and miles of hiking. 

Indoor Ceremony and Reception Locations

There are quite a few rooms for your ceremony and/or reception. All interior rooms feature hardwood everywhere! In fact, you can expect large exposed hardwood beams in the ceiling and walls to create an incredible rustic atmosphere in the woods. A few of the best Islandwood wedding locations include:

The Welcome Center

An open 2,000 square foot room with a large skylight in the center welcomes everyone to your IslandWood wedding. This room also features tons of natural light, a massive wooden beam, and saw blade art in the ceiling. This room holds 120 for a standing reception. 

Islandwood wedding venue wooden sign

The Dining Hall 

This larger reception room offers square footage of 3,308 and can hold 170 for a seated banquet. The room features windows everywhere, surrounded by a beautiful forest. Additionally, you will find a stone fireplace and exposed beams. 

The Private Dining Room 

The private dining room is 520 square feet and holds 25 in theater seating, 35 for a standing reception, or 25 for a seated banquet. This room is a part of the Dining Hall building and uses an entire wall of windows for natural lighting. This room makes for a wonderful rehearsal dinner or intimate IslandWood wedding reception.

The Great Hall 

This mid-range room offers square footage of 1,865 and seats 150-175 in theater seating, 175 in a standing reception, or 90 in a seated banquet. Designed as a theatre, the room features a stage and lighting. The space makes for both a fabulous larger ceremony and a smaller reception where the band or DJ is on a stage. 

The Great Room 

Inside the Ichthyology Inn lodge is a 1,236 square feet open room great for intimate receptions or indoor ceremonies. The room has tall windows on all sides and the same exposed wood construction. The centerpiece is an incredibly crafted stone fireplace that can serve as not only your ceremony backdrop, but the head table backdrop. Additionally, it can seat 56 in theater seating, 65 in a standing reception, and 50 in a seated banquet. 

Outdoor Ceremony and Reception Locations for Your IslandWood Wedding

The Garden

The Garden is a beautiful 900 square feet and holds 50 for a standing reception. This outdoor location features lush gardens of natural Pacific Northwest plants and rustic timbre benches and arches for your guests to enjoy a cocktail hour.

fountain in the garden at Islandwood wedding venue

The Creaky Tree Meadow 

I was saving the best ceremony location for last. As the name suggests, this outdoor ceremony location hides a lush green meadow in the middle of the thick forest. At most, this location seats 175 in theater seating or for a standing reception.


bride and groom sharing a kiss at Islandwood wedding venue

Photography Opportunities at Your IslandWood Wedding

IslandWood creates a stunning backdrop for all of your photo opportunities. Enjoy natural lighting outdoors on IslandWood’s beautiful trails, with the vast woods behind you, creating a rustic and naturally beautiful backdrop. Several perfect picturesque spots throughout the garden offer a stunning image. You can also snap some gorgeous photos on the water while enjoying a boat ride a short distance from Island Wood. Climb the canopy tower to snap an awesome picture of you in your wedding formalwear above the trees, with the sky surrounding you! As well as the plentiful outdoor photography opportunities. There are also several aesthetically pleasing rooms to hold prop set-ups or a fantastic set reception to capture many images for your wedding album!

groom holding the bride's hands and kissing her temple in a golden field Islandwood wedding venue

first look with the bride and groom at Islandwood wedding venue

bride and groom dancing in the forest at Islandwood wedding venue

bride and groom embracing in the forest at Islandwood wedding venue

Wedding Details

All wedding prices are custom and will require an inquiry through their website or by phone/email. Upon booking, a dedicated planner from their team will work side-by-side with you to bring your vision to life. In addition, they obsess with the details and the little touches that create memorable, magical moments. Once your day arrives, they’ll have planned everything perfectly, allowing you the space to relax and be present for your celebration. 

bride and groom kissing with the sun shining through the trees at Islandwood wedding venue

They can also arrange for bridal pampering for your IslandWood wedding. Massage, hair, and nails can be done on-site so that you and your guests can enjoy slowing down after your adventures or prepare for your big day! The beautiful spaces at IslandWood offer many opportunities to create magical moments.

bride walking with her bridesmaids through the forest at Islandwood wedding venue

wedding party in grey and maroon in the forest as the bride and groom kiss at Islandwood wedding venue

bride leaning on her new husband's shoulder in a field at Islandwood wedding venue

Chef Jim White’s culinary team meets various dietary needs and preferences with creativity and inspiration. IslandWood is not only a fantastic venue, but it contributes to a more sustainable and equitable world, too! Their events provide critical funding for their justice-oriented environmental education programs, regardless of a school’s ability to pay. Above all, IslandWood weddings have a lasting positive impact that extends well beyond the wedding day. 

groom picking up a bride and spinning in a golden field Islandwood wedding venue

bride dancing by herself at sunset in the forest Islandwood wedding venue

IslandWood Wedding

IslandWood weddings have much to offer. Especially if having a wedding somewhere significant with lots of natural beauty is essential to you! 

bride peeking back at the camera while the groom waits for the first look at Islandwood wedding venue

bride and groom sharing a kiss at Islandwood wedding venue

groom carrying the bride's train at Islandwood wedding venue

bride and groom sharing vows in the forest at Islandwood wedding venue

bride approaching her groom in a forest for their first look at Islandwood wedding venue

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