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Sarah & Ken Engagement [Port Angeles Photographer]

My friendship with Sarah is just a couple years old; unlike most acquaintances from the Olympic Peninsula, we didn’t know each other growing up! When our paths crossed in 2010, there was instant chemistry– it seemed like we’d known each other for years.

Yes, but what about the guy!?

Well, I’m getting to that; my husband’s job took me out of state for 6 months in 2010, right after Sarah and I had just gotten started. When I came back, I knew instantly something was different. The person I had known as Sarah had blossomed, shed everything holding her back, and gained a new confidence and energy; she was beaming. Well, I soon found out why… and his name was Ken!

He can strike a pose with the best of them, has roguish good looks and a mischievous smile to boot. He has a great sense of humor, and best of all, he takes great care of my dear friend. Ken, I am so looking forward to getting to know you better!

Watching these two is like watching two pieces of a puzzle. They just fit, naturally, and you soon forget that either one existed without the other. Sarah, you were pretty stinkin’ amazing before, but I don’t think you’ll mind hearing that with Ken by your side, you’re even better!


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