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Erica & Riley | Discovery Park Engagement Session | Part I

I love the chance to work with couples who are so obviously in love with each other that they can’t hold it in. If they’re not holding hands, they’re sneaking in a quick hug, a sly kiss, or a sneaky cuddle. Erica and Riley are exactly like that! During our session at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA, it was so evident that they adore each other. That’s the kind of love I love to photograph. I love the way he looks at her, and the way she looks at the camera when she knows his eyes are on her. A little smug, a little flirty, and totally confident in each other’s devotion.

Discovery Park is a wonderful place for an engagement session because there are so many little trails and meadows to wander through. Even though it’s so close to downtown Seattle, Discovery Park feels like it’s worlds away from the bustle of the city. Erica and Riley were completely in their own world together– combined with the perfect golden afternoon and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we were able to create some gorgeous images to document their love.

Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography001 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography002 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography003 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography004 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography005 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography006 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography007 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography008 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography009 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography010 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography011 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography012 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography013 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography014 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography015 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography016 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography017 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography018 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography019 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography020 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography021 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography022 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography023 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography024 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography025 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography026 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography027 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography028 Discovery-Park-Engagement-Seattle-Adrien-Craven-Photography029

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