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A Downtown Seattle Family Session

Recently I had the delight of taking some photos for my sweet friend and her family. We got started right in their neighborhood of Belltown, which is adjacent to downtown Seattle and offers some neat views of the city! I love the brick architecture in the neighborhood, and the chilly sunshine created some gorgeous light for fun family photos. My heart melted over darling baby Ezra in his knit ensemble with matching hat and booties. Seriously, if I could pull off the look, a knit onsie sounds like the right getup for this time of year! Two-year-old Evan had energy to spare and kept us all on our toes. I loved seeing him explore the world around him—and his expressions had me in stitches! I’m always so honored when I get to create portraits for young families, and I hope these images will become heirlooms to treasure in the years to come.

Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0001 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0002 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0003 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0004 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0005 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0006 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0007 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0008 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0009 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0010 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0011 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0012 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0013 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0014 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0015 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0016 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0017 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0018 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0019 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0020 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0021 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0022 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0023 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0024 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0025 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0026 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0027 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0028 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0029 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0030 Seattle-Family-Portraits-Adrien-Craven-Photography0031

  1. Beth Mack says:

    Cute family and great photos. That last photo…oh my gosh.

  2. These are so lovely!! Beautiful work!

  3. This is such a stinking cute family session! Can I have her flannel shirt?!

  4. Alex says:

    Beautiful family session!! Love the location and they did such a fantastic job coordinating their outfits, too!

  5. Chantal says:

    Oh my goodness what a perfect family session!! So
    Freaking cute!!

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