Washington State Beach Engagement Session – Abby & Mike

A couple weeks ago, I met up with my friend Abigail and her new fiance Mike for an engagement session at a Northwest Washington beach I’ve been visiting since around the time I could barely walk! Turns out this particular spot is a favorite of Mike’s, who only moved to the Olympic Peninsula within the last few years. It was such a joy to share a cool, foggy February morning with this adorable couple. Abby’s bright smile and the pair’s obvious affection for each other made them so much fun to photograph! We were lucky to have most of the beach to ourselves, with only a couple other folks and the occasional dog out braving the chilly air and grey skies. I loved that Abby and Mike unintentionally dressed to perfectly coordinate with the coastline in a palette of douglas-fir green, ivory, denim, and accents of orange and brown that echoed the striated bluffs that bordered the pebbly beach.

The best part of my job is that spark of excitement and joy that a couple has for each other and their new life together. I’m not going to say it makes my job easy, because even when a couple is as laid-back and effortlessly attractive as Abby and Mike, there’s still an enormous amount of thought that goes into location, lighting, camera technique, posing, interaction, expression, banter, so on and so on and so on. In fact, the relative attractiveness of a couple is not even one of the more important factors I take into account when I photograph people. I’m more interested in whether they’re genuinely affectionate, relaxed, enjoying themselves, have a connection with the environment around us or excitement for exploring somewhere new together, and a sense of adventure.

My asthetic is couples who have a ridiculous amount of fun together.


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