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The Shoes of 2015


You guys, I have a major weakness. One of the first things I look for when I arrive to a wedding are the shoes! And when day starts with a great pair, the rest of the wedding just seems to be that much better. Okay, honestly, I know that the shoes are a somewhat superficial element of the day, but that doesn’t make me like ‘em any less!

On a practical level, shoes can play a huge factor in a bride’s comfort level on the wedding day. If you get a blister or your feet hurt, it’s hard to relax and enjoy your wedding day. I always advocate having a backup pair of flats or sandals. Or boots, if there might be rain or uneven ground. In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from having two or more pairs of wedding-day footwear! Wear one pair for the ceremony, and another for the reception and dancing. Heck, get wild and have three pairs if you want! Or go barefoot if that’s your style.

2015 was a good year for shoes. I have a few favorites in this post—I’ll bet you can guess which ones! What kind of shoes/boots/sandals would you rock for your wedding day?

Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography002 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography003 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography004 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography005 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography006 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography007 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography008 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography009 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography010 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography011 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography012 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography013 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography014 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography015 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography016 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography017 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography018 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography019 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography020 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography021 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography022 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography023 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography024 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography025 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography026 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography027 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography028 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography029 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography030 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography031 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography032 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography033 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography034 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography035 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography036 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography037 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography038 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography039 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography040 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography041 Wedding-shoes-adrien-craven-photography042

  1. This is such a fun post! Your couples have amazing style!!!

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