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Taylor & Ryan [Ross Lake Engagement | Part 2]

There are some places and adventures that leave a lingering feeling in your chest, a breathless awe that takes you out of your normalcy and for an instant, reminds you of the scale of the word and your place in it. These images take me right back there, to an open boat speeding across dark glacial waters, a lake ringed by snowcapped peaks and whispering evergreen forest. Ryan and Taylor, hand in hand, leapt from the boat to clamber over boulders and rocky outcroppings, past waterfalls and a sandy stretch of beach. The roar of the waterfalls and the hum of the boat’s motor were our soundtrack, laughter and the whoosh of wind in our ears as we sped across the most gorgeous Pacific Northwest lake, high in the Cascade Mountains.

Some days stay with you, bringing a small measure of awe and wonder back into daily life, the memory of cold alpine air, the faintest warmth of winter sunlight, reminding you that adventure is right where you left it, just waiting for you to come back.
Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography001 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography002 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography003 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography004 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography005 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography006 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography007 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography008 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography009 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography010 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography011 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography012 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography013 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography014 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography015 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography016 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography017 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography018 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography019 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography020 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography021 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography022 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography023 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography024 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography025 Ross-Lake-Engagement-Northwest-Adrien-Craven-Photography026

These two lovely people—the winter caretakers of Ross Lake Resort—were our guides and escorts for the day. I thought they deserved their own photo moment, because without them our happy band of adventurers wouldn’t have been complete!


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