Salt Creek State Park Anniversary Session | Stephanie & Phil

On a cool, rainy, perfectly Pacific Northwest day, my sweet friend Stephanie and her hubby Phil joined me at Salt Creek State Park just west of Port Angeles for a romantic couple’s session celebrating their second anniversary. Stephanie & Phil’s love story is quintessentially northwest — Steph is an avid fisherwoman and Phil is a professional fishing guide, so naturally, they fell in love over the course of fishing trips around the Olympic Peninsula. It’s more than a hobby in their family—I think I could safely say that fishing is a way of life and a passion they’re already passing down to their sweet kiddo Logan.

As an Olympic Peninsula wedding photographer I love doing couple’s portrait sessions once they’ve been married for a couple years! There is a depth and richness to their affection after a couple has weathered some life together. Once everything returns to a new normal after a wedding day, it’s easy to let the years slip by without taking time to commemorate your relationship with photos. And once you add kiddos into the mix, it can be nearly impossible! (I should know!! Some years it’s all I can do to wrangle everyone into a single family portrait for Christmas cards.) But that’s probably part of the reason why I love doing these sessions so much — it’s a chance for a couple to take a deep breath and remember together all the things that kindled their love at the beginning. Photography is a powerful tool for honoring relationships, milestones, and memories. I heard a quote near the beginning of my photography career that’s always stuck with me — “[As photographers] we’re helping to create the way someone remembers their life – the catalyst to treasured memories of a life well-lived – as well as self-discovery, self-expression, an experience, and most of all: emotion” (Christa Meola). I think of these words often when I’m photographing couples, families, & weddings. My job is more than just snapshots — it’s about honoring who you are in this particular moment and season of your life—and who you are together in the lifespan of your relationship.

As we strolled down the damp sand, I got to witness how Stephanie and Phil’s love has deepened and matured– while they’re still playful and lovey-dovey with each other, their rapport has matured into easy familiarity, comfortable affection, and familiar humor. The wet sand was cool under our feet and the water of the Strait of Juan de Fuca was undeniably chilly, but Stephanie braved thigh-deep waves to climb up a tiny seastack for some breathtaking portraits. I could hardly hold in my squeals of glee while the waves lapped over her feet and the hem of her romantic gown!

The glorious late-summer bouquet was provided by Bergen Teschner of Fire & Blooms. If you even kinda-sorta like flowers a bit, hop on over to her Instagram and check it all out—her work is passionate and inspired, perfectly reflective of the wild nature of the Pacific northwest, and oh-so-gorgeous. I’ve wanted to photograph a Fire & Blooms bouquet for years, and the coastal setting of Salt Creek was the perfect environment to set off the spectacular colors of dahlia, amaranth, zinnia, & hydrangea.

I’m so grateful to every couple who trusts me to create portraits and images of their relationship! Stephanie and Phil, I wish you years upon years of life and love together, and I hope these photos become a treasured part of the patchwork of memories in your marriage.

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