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Romantic Evening Engagement Session—Kellie & Tom

There are a few crucial ingredients for an engagement session. First, you must have two people who are in madly love with one another. In Tom and Kellie’s case, that was the easy part. Their romance is easy, obvious, and unaffected. In fact, their love so infused their every interaction with one another, it was almost impossible to take a photo that didn’t capture their connection with one another! And that’s just the way I like it——when a couple is so relaxed and affectionate, it’s a joy to capture their relationship.

The next ingredient is a beautiful location. We spent a couple pleasant hours at Kellie & Tom’s favorite minigolf course, wandering the grounds and taking in a perfect Pacific Northwest summer evening. Gentle breezes ruffled through the verdant green foliage and the soft murmur of a fountain in the nearby pond added to the quiet summer evening. The Discovery Trail at Willows Run provided a charming backdrop for portraits, and Kellie and Tom’s easy sense of humor created lots of laughter and smiles throughout our time together.

Finally, the third ideal ingredient is beautiful light. We planned the session for late afternoon on a summer day, taking into account the weather and the time of sunset. The last hour before sunset provides the most beautiful, soft golden light that is universally flattering and ethereal. Although the Pacific Northwest doesn’t always guarantee sunlight into the evening hours, it’s always a good idea to plan a little time around sunset for photography, just in case the weather cooperates. And when it does, it’s absolutely breathtaking! Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography022 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography009 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography008 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography017 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography027 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography010 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography024 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography002 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography005 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography015 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography019 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography004 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography006 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography012 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography023 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography007 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography011 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography001 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography003 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography014 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography018 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography020 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography021 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography025 Pacific-northwest-engagement-adrien-craven-photography026

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