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Maria & Ryan — Olympic Peninsula Engagement

I love the Olympic Peninsula in fall; the mists over the evergreen forests create such a sense of eerie mystery. Maria and Ryan joined me for a session along the banks of the Elwha River for their engagement photos. I was so excited that they decided to bring their sweet pups along for a few “family” photos! The best part was capturing this season in their lives with the atmospheric backdrop of the river and coastline. The fallen leaves and bare branches made the perfect backdrop for a romantic walk. I love being able to photograph sweet couples who are willing to adventure off the beaten path with me to capture the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest!Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R024 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R025 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R010 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R017 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R015 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R026 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R019 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R023 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R021 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R013 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R008 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R003 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R005 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R007 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R016 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R012 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R018 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R020 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R006 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R004 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R001 Olympic-Peninsula-Engagement-Fall-Adrien-Craven-M&R022

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