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Leslie & John — Olympia Rose Garden Wedding

The late September sunlight had a particularly golden glow as it filtered through the whispering canopy of maples and fir at Priest Point Park in Olympia, Washington. That glow extended to the radiant bride and her happy groom—all day they snuck furtive kisses and giddy glances at one another, as though they each couldn’t quite believe their luck to be really tying the knot. There’s a particular joy to a wedding like this, where two people who have finally found each other celebrate with family and friends who’ve lived life with them. Leslie and John didn’t have an extravagant wedding, but each choice they made was carefully considered, from the incredible garden-to-table cuisine provided by Paprika Catering, to the elegant string quartet that played until the stars came out. And roses—what a bounty of roses! When your ceremony takes place in the round, in the center of an historic rose garden, well. You decorate with more roses, obviously. The picnic tables were laden with abundant rose centerpieces, the guests took home miniature heirloom rose plants, and the bride carried—what else?—roses in her bouquet down the aisle.






Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography005Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography006 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography007Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography017 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography008 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography009 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography010 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography012 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography013 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography016Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography018 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography019 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography020 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography021 Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography011Olympia-Rose-Garden-Wedding-Adrien-Craven-Photography022

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