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Heather & Vimal [Spokane Wedding Photographer]

On a beautiful clear spring day in Spokane, Vimal and Heather prepared to say their vows of marriage to one another. The Bride and Groom got ready at the beautiful Davenport Hotel in the heart of historic downtown Spokane. The hotel’s richly detailed and intricate interiors made for an incredible setting for their wedding portraits! Just a few blocks away at First Presbyterian Church, Heather and Vimal stood in the golden sunlight streaming through antique stained glass windows and began their life together as husband and wife. The reception at the Davenport glowed with golden details and romantic colors that subtly evoked the groom’s Indian heritage. Family and friends gathered to celebrate Vimal and Heather’s new marriage, begun in surroundings that referenced history and tradition, but looking towards the future with enthusiasm and hope.

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  1. Anna Gordon says:

    So incredibly gorgeous, Adrien!

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