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Suzanne & Jason [Lake Crescent Lodge Wedding Photographer]

It never ceases to amaze me that I’m invited to participate in one of the most singular and incredible days in the lives of people who start as perfect strangers. It’s a privilege I hope to never take for granted… to nearly become family for one brief, ephemeral day. I like to think I’ll see each one of them again, even though that may not always be true. But I’ll have them with me for the rest of my life, and I’ll play a small part in their lives every time they look at the images of their wedding day. The experience we had together, when they trusted me to come along on the whirlwind trip, one swirling day of preparation and anticipation and back and forth and here we go and — finally — a quiet moment of “I will” and “I do” and “We did it!” And then some hopefully not so quiet moments of congratulations! and then eating and dancing and talking and celebrating and the full, happy, exhausting sunset end of each perfect day. Because once they’re married, every single one of those days is perfect in completion. A summer of perfect Saturdays (and a Friday and Sunday here and there). I’m a lucky girl.

Lake Crescent Lodge was the setting for Suzanne & Jason’s wedding day.

Can I put some words to it? Here goes.

Green. Green/Blue/Green.

The greenest green and the bluest blue. Depending on what the sun and sky are doing on a given day. This might be a familiar little corner of the world for me, but I love nothing better than to share it with people for whom it’s new, or a sweet infrequent visit. A joy shared is a joy made double. Look! Isn’t it beautiful here? Yes, and over here too! The trees and moss and the motion of the water…

Sharing Lake Crescent with Suzanne and Jason was a joy. And they shared their beautiful day with me — and I won’t soon forget it.


Hi Jason. You can come out now.




This one makes me melt.

Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_004 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_005 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_006 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_007 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_008 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_009 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_010 (1) Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_010

Could I pick a favorite from the day? No… but I love this one:

Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_011 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_012 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_013 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_014


Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_015 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_016 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_017 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_018 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_019  Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_023Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_024Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_025Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_026

Suzanne and Jason said their vows in front of their closest family and friends in the lakeside meadow at Lake Crescent Lodge. New growth was just showing on the boughs of the surrounding fir trees, and a fresh canopy of green alder leaves whispered in a slight breeze.

Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_027 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_028 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_029 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_030 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_031 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_032 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_033 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_034 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_035 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_036

And just a little bit of grandeur…

Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_037 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_038 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_039 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_040 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_041 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_042 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_043 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_044Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_020

Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_021 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_022



Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_046 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_047 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_048 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_049 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_050 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_051 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_052 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_053 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_054 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_055 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_056 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_057 Lake-Crescent-Lodge-Wedding_S&J_058

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