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Jacque & Ryan at Lake Crescent Lodge

On a misty day in June, Jacque and Ryan said their vows to one another on the shore of Lake Crescent. Lake Crescent Lodge provides an enchanting spot for a lakeside meadow ceremony, with the waves softly lapping in the background and deer strolling through the evergreens. Jacque’s green and navy blue details perfectly complemented the beauty of the emerald waters and soaring fir trees. Even a little rainshower only added to the beauty of the moment as the bride and groom took a short canoe paddle on the lake after their intimate ceremony. Under glittering chandeliers, Jacque and Ryan celebrated with their guests as the day faded into twilight.

Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-01 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-02 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-03 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-04 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-05 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-06 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-07 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-08 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-09 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-10 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-11 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-12 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-13 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-14 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-15 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-16 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-17 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-18 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-19 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-20 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-21 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-22 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-23 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-24 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-25 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-26 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-27 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-28 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-29 Adrien-Craven-Photography-Lake-Crescent-Lodge-30

  1. Mariana Maya says:

    WOW!! that first image is amazing. I bet it looks awesome hanging on this couple’s walla s a huge huge print or canvas!!!

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