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Gina & Jonathan Part I [Lake Crescent Wedding Photographer]

I tried my very best, but it just wasn’t to be–there is entirely too much loveliness in this wedding to fit into one post! Gina & Jonathan’s day was about as close to perfect as you can get on this earth. NatureBridge at Lake Crescent made the perfect destination venue for friends and family who had traveled from across the country. I fall in love with NatureBridge every time I visit–nestled right on the shore of Lake Crescent, it’s an idyllic spot for a wedding. And NatureBridge weddings are a special kind of event–more than just a day where your guests are with you for a few short hours. Guests can stay for most of the weekend in historic cabins, canoeing the lake, hiking in the surrounding forest, and making s’mores around a bonfire at night. The lake provides an azure background to what feels like grown-up summer camp, millions of miles away from civilization.

Gina and Jonathan’s wedding was filled with sunlight and the slightest breeze that ruffled the lake and whispered in the bigleaf maples overhead.

Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge001 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge003 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge002 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge004 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge005 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge007 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge008 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge010 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge009 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge011 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge012

Gina’s gorgeous flowers were from the Cutting Garden florist in Sequim. She adorned the stems of her bouquet with some heirloom pins–her grandfather’s pilot’s wings and her grandmother’s hummingbird– to honor and commemorate loved ones.

Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge013 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge014 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge016 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge015 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge017 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge018


This beautiful image below is one of my favorites from the day – an unplanned moment where the light fell perfectly on Gina while she was standing in the doorway of her getting-ready cabin. She flashed me a perfect smile and I know she was anticipating seeing her handsome groom in a matter of mere minutes.




Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge019 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge020 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge021 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge022 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge023



Gina walked down the aisle on her father’s arm on the lawn in front of the main cabin at NatureBridge.

Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge025 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge026 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge027 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge028 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge029 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge030 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge031


Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge032 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge034 Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge033

And that brings us to the end of the sun-dappled ceremony… next up, the rest of this incredible lakeside wedding in the forest and some serious reception dancing!


  1. Ali Hormann says:

    These are fantastic! I love the expressions and the bride is stunning! I can’t wait to see more!

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