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Betsy & Abel [Kitsap Peninsula Engagement Photographer]

On a golden evening this summer I had the pleasure of photographing Betsy and Abel and their two adorable welsh corgis, Juno and Dallas. I can’t wait for their beach wedding in August!


Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo003 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo005 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo007 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo008 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo009 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo010 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo011 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo012 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo013 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo014 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo015 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo016 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo017 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo018 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo019 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo022 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo020 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo021 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo024 Kitsap-Peninsula-Beach-Engagement-photo023

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