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December 7, 2017

Sunny Lakeside Wedding at Lake Crescent Lodge | Sarah & Soren


Sarah & Soren’s sunny Lake Crescent wedding was everything a Pacific Northwest destination wedding should be! The bride and groom were surrounded by laughing family and friends, took time out of the day to walk through the woods along the lakeshore and soak in the happy moments together, and partied into the night with a great DJ and some amazing party food. I had to pinch myself that this is the kind of “work day” my job entails — meeting an incredible couple and being welcomed by their guests to join them in commemorating and celebrating their relationship and marriage. The light at Lake Crescent is always gorgeous, rain or shine, but Sarah and Soren were treated to an especially spectacular (if slightly hot!) summer day. The azure waters of the lake twinkled in the background while they said their vows in the lakeside meadow. Afterwards the couple mingled with their guests during a relaxed cocktail hour before moving to the tented reception for toasts, games, and some especially remarkable dancing!

A little from the couple themselves:

  • Sarah & Soren Nielsen
  • Soren – I am from Denmark originally and have been in the US for about 11 years, love sports and my family
    Sarah – I am from Utah originally and love the mountains and skiing. We met online in Chicago – we knew it was love when we could be ourselves and loved spending every moment with each other. We both work in the online space – Soren with an e-commerce platform and Sarah in the online travel industry. We are both people persons and [can] talk to just about anyone.
    We wanted a destination wedding – but knew that beach would be too much for all of our friends and family traveling from Chicago, Utah and Europe. We frequent Lake Crescent with family and saw the wedding set up and knew that it would be perfect for a weekend wedding. We got married July 29th, the weather was perfect for hiking, lounging on the beach or kayaking. We didn’t really have a theme other than rustic, nature and easy. We wanted it to be a big celebration with all of our friends for the entire weekend. We did have some Danish traditions such as decorating the doorway, cutting the grooms socks and being kissed by the opposite sex when your partner left. We both wanted really natural with pops of white, blush and lots and lots of greenery.
  • I think for both of us it really was the whole weekend but if we had to choose one or two or three it was our first look… it really calmed all nerves and gave us a moment to be just with us. The second would have been after the cocktail hour and taking photos we had a moment to use the restroom and it just be us and take a breath. And finally the third was the fact that we were able to do a bonfire both nights of the weekend and end the night under the stars with drinks and roaring fire and our friends.

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  • We love love love the photos of just the two of us on the doc when the wind was catching my dress and the sun was setting. AMAZING PHOTOS! We also love all the candid photos!
  • Don’t stress, plan early so during the event you don’t even have to think of it. Also, take more than the 4 hours of the reception to enjoy your friends and family.
  • Adrien was great, we loved getting to know her, she made the day a breeze and the photos were amazing. We can wait to set up more shoots with her!



Ceremony Venue: Lake Crescent Lodge 
Invitations and paper goods: Minted
Florist: Angel Crest Gardens
Cake/Dessert: Raindrop Desserts
Catering: Lake Crescent Lodge
Cellist: Marlene Moore
Reception music/DJ: DJ Robotix
Makeup & Hair Artist: Ami Diaz
Dress Shop: Calla Bridal
Bridal Jewelry: BHLDN
Bridal Shoes: Steve Madden
Bridesmaids dresses: BHLDN
Groom’s suit or tux: Hickey Freeman

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